Our Rooms

Rooms include Free WiFi, breakfast, phone calls, use of common areas and other amenities.

All standard and economy rooms are AIR-CONDITIONED during summer and all baths include showers.


  • Cozy rooms with one queen bed (sleeps 1-2) or 2 smaller beds (sleeps 2-3) and private in-room bath
  • Rooms are fully furnished with cable TV, and air conditioners in summer.
  • Suites (sleep 2-6) consist of 2 bedrooms connected by a bath.

Economy RoomECONOMY ROOMS (shared bath, limited availability)

  • Fully furnished rooms with TV and 1-2 beds (sleep 1-3)
  • Rooms are fully furnished with cable TV.
  • Bath is outside of room and may or may not be shared.
  • No more than 4 people will typically be using one bath.

Hostel3RD FLOOR  (available ONLY as overflow)

  • 2 minimally furnished rooms each with 2 twin beds.
  • Bathroom located on 2nd floor.
  • Sleeps max of 2 people per room.
  • Rooms do not have TV’s.
  • Not available with children under 12.
  • Includes linens, towel and all our other amenities.
  • Available only when other rooms are filled.