Is the Inn For Sale?

You may have run across a “for sale” listing on a website such as Zillow.  Because of many possible misconceptions when a business is for sale, we want to be upfront with our guests and answer some basic questions.

Out of respect for our privacy and the potential concerns of other guests, we hope that you will understand and appreciate why WE WILL NOT BE DISCUSSING THIS TOPIC ON THE PHONE OR DURING YOUR STAY AT THE INN.  (if you are seriously interested in purchasing the inn more information is below).

Should I be concerned about making a reservation?

There is no reason to worry about the status of your reservation or hesitate to make a new reservation with us.  We will not take reservations any further out than we are able to guarantee them.  Any sale would be contingent on prior reservations being fulfilled first.  Our primary concern has always been -and will continue to be- the comfort of our guests.  We will maintain operations and upkeep in the manner we always have.

Why are you selling?

We have run the Inn longer that anyone except for Lucy Clark herself.  In those 14 years, various life experiences have made us realize that we may not desire -or even be physically able- to maintain our current business into our golden years and beyond. We are quite content with our lifestyle and in no hurry to change, but no not knowing what the future may hold makes it wise to keep other options open.

The number of B&B’s on the current market outpaces the demand, so it is necessary to plan ahead with the expectation that it may take a few years to find a buyer.  Factor in that we wish to see the Old Clark Inn turned over to someone who will preserve and expand on what we are doing, and continue be an asset to our community…so you can see that we are looking at a very small pool of potential buyers and very small chance of finding one that will appreciate this opportunity.

What if I might be interested in purchasing the Inn?

We appreciate your interest and understand that you have many questions, but again, we want to be clear:


More information is available here: More Information

If you would like to inquire further, you may schedule an appointment by emailing us at this address:

(We will require a confidentiality agreement and a financial disclosure before we release any confidential financial information about the business.)