Marlinton is located at the intersection of 219/55 and Scenic Route 39, about an hour north of Lewisburg, WV (I64) and just over an hour south of Elkins, WV (Rt 33). It is a 40 minute drive from Marlinton to the top of Snowshoe Mountain. This is the county’s largest town and the Pocahontas County Seat. The Greenbrier River and Knapps Creek flow through our town, and the Greenbrier River Trail intersects our Main Street near MP 56.


Marlinton is a genuine small town—NOT a tourist town. The Main Street is 3 blocks long and the population is less than 1000 people. You will find Mom and Pop stores, restaurants and accommodations, no big chains here. No bus or taxi service, no pizza delivery, no Harley or T-shirt shops. Cell phone service is limited.  Most of your daily necessities are available locally, but you may not find the selection and variety that you are accustomed to.

What Marlinton lacks in amenities, it makes up for in old-fashioned small town charm. Things are slower paced here, less hectic–more leisurely.  People smile at you, they wave you ahead at a stop sign, they let you cross the street against traffic. We have seen the good folks in this town come to the aid of a stranded or troubled visitor on more than a few occasions.


Marlinton is home to many locally owned and operated small businesses. Within walking distance to our Inn you will find restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, ATMs, bike/canoe rentals, auto/bicycle repair, churches, hardware, laundry, and post office. Additional services, including a small supermarket, liquor store and “dollar stores” are located within a couple miles. You won’t find much in the way of souvenirs, antiques etc. but you will find a couple interesting old-time retailers.


Pocahontas County is known for its wild beauty and outdoor activities such as bicycling, hiking, fishing, boating, bird watching, motorcycle touring, scenic drives, cross-country and downhill skiing. There is little nightlife off of Snowshoe Mountain but we do have local arts and activities. The Pocahontas County Opera House features various performances approximately twice per month. There is also an art coop, a farmers’ market and two historical museums. There is an abundance of seasonal small town festivals and special events in the area and on nearby Snowshoe Mountain. For more information please click on our events tab above. (Cinemas, bowling, shopping centers etc. are located one hour away in Lewisburg.)

For more information on Marlinton: Town of Marlinton